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" Learn from the king of fades "

Welcome to a career that can last you a lifetime and give you opportunities anywhere in the world.

Run by Rami, the king of fades, the school offers a range of courses from very beginner introductory barbering courses, through toadvance textured fading courses tailored to better cutting complex hair types.

The barber profession is one of the oldest in the world. The devil is in the details: it's a real art that may require a lifetime to be fully mastered. Rami motivates and inspires fellow barbers (beginners and advanced) and aficionados with the aim of restoring the prestige he deserves to the art of men's hairstyles.


Basic Shaving

Basic Shave
$ 200 (1 Day)
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Basic Fading

Basic Fading
$ 300 (1 Day)
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Basic Shaving & Fading

Basic Shaving & Fading
$ 450 (2 day)
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Advanced Shaving & Fading Course

Advanced Shaving & Fading
$ 600 (3 day)
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Complete Barber

Complete Barber Course
$ 3500 (150 Hours)
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Why Choose Rami ?

Beginning with Rami's cuts Barber shop at Coquitlam location, Rami has developed a unique and unrivalled barbering style over the years. His experience and passion is now taught to everyone who works in the stores, and is apparent through the client's superior experience at every appointment.

Rami's Cuts barber shops have since expanded to 5 locations in the Lower mainland area.

Also, not only will students learn to connect and cultivate relationships with real clients in a real barbershop environment, they will also develop the quality, speed and accuracy of service and sales necessary to ensure that they are fit for any modern, barbershop environment.




#112-2540 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam, BC



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